Mobile Monday N°284

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Welcome to Mobile Monday!

NAZOKOI (Akina Kubota) returns with a big package of eight games. One Man Game Maker Army (Gergely Tenk) wants you to open fifteen doors and to get through fifteen one-scene micro escapes. The next comes Room’s Room‘s (Daichi Simada) standard escape, relaxing and pleasant both visually and functionally and without a language barrier. The bonus game by Gleam Studio.

All games are free and available in Google Play and in Apple Store except the bonus game (available for Android devices only).

The first app is a package of eight games. The second game has fifteen levels, the third game is medium-sized, and the bonus has four doors to open.

NAZOKOI (Akina Kubota) released a new app and again it’s a fat one. The package contains eight middle-sized games and all are cute and sweet with very many rabbits chilling in their cafes. They have quite luxurious cafes, those rabbits!

Google PlayRabbit & Cafe (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreRabbit & Cafe (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

One Man Game Maker Army‘s (Gergely Tenk) game is all about overcoming doors. There are fifteen you need to open, each requiring one or more codes, and the hints or necessary items like screwdrivers or guns you find in adjoining scenes. Original art.

Google PlayWeird Escape II (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreWeird Escape II (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

One more game from Room’s Room (Daichi Simada) archive wants you to escape a room with a unique view. No language barrier and many quality and well balanced puzzles.

Google PlayEscape from the House with a Sea View (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreEscape from the House with a Sea View (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

doors1.pngBonus game: Escape Game The Door by Gleam Studio wants you to open four doors only. Each door has a set of strange devices built into the door and it’s one huge puzzle, in fact. Interesting and original concept.

Google PlayEscape Game The Door (Android, Android Tablet)

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