Resident Evil Village thoughts thread…

Yeah. I got beyond the castle section, and I must say, it’s nothing like the RE games of old. I’m getting ready to go to the dark house with the dolls outside.

There’s some familiar exploration based gameplay. For example, you run around a castle that reminds you of the mansion a little because it has a main hallway and a stairwell. And there’s masks you must find, to unlock a door. So it’s kind of the same. But the story is absolutely convuluted and nothing like RE whatsoever. I just found out that one of the later locations you can visit, is a factory that is manufacturing these robot things. Like, what!?

This feels like a fantasy game that has the RE name backing it. But it’s not unenjoyable by any means. More so just laughable. Although come a year or so from now, nobody is going to care. It’s not worthy of the RE title because it’s just utter nonsense, and has no correlation with anything. Even at the start, they have this Tim Burton type animated scene. 😳

Werewolves. Vampires. A dragon type thing. A puppet. Zombie looking things with swords. And yes, werewolves can ride horses now. Like… uh! 😩

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