MLB The Show 21 Full Minors Roster & All 30 AAA Stadiums Available Now

MLB The Show 21 full minors roster is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. All 30 AAA stadiums are available exclusively for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Give a big thanks to RidinRosters, crew and community!

Full Minors Details

  • Available For All Consoles Ps4,PS5, Xbox, Xbox series S/X
  • Full 93 Man Rosters loaded with top propsects
  • Real Free Agents
  • Corrected Ages For Hundreds of prospects
  • Accurate potential ratings for prospects 
  • Equipment Edits For Star Players

Online ID: RidinRosters

Having issues finding the roster? Go to the Create button at the top right, then go to Vaults. Hit the R1 button until you see Roster, then hit the square button to search. Find RidinRosters and change the search from name to Online ID and hit square to search.

All 30 AAA stadiums are in the Stadium Vault, created by the Full Minors Stadium Team.

  • All 30 MiLB AAA stadiums have been recreated to the best likeness of the real ballpark! Take a deep dive into your farm systems with realistic views, dimensions, smells and sounds! 
  • The Full Minors Stadium Squad put 100’s of hours recreating the best version possible with the new amazing Stadium Creator feature to give you the player, the most realistic gameplay possible. 
  • Enjoy all 30 stadiums by downloading them from the stadium vault, found in the stadium creator menu bar.

Online ID: FullMinorsAAA

Having issues finding the stadiums? Go to the Create button at the top right, then go to Stadium Creator. Just click the X button to go into any of the created stadiums. From here, just hit the thumb pad over to the right until Vault is selected and hit X. Now hit the Square button to search. Find FullMinorsAAA and change the search from NAME to ONLINE ID and hit Square to search.

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