Apex Legends Valkyrie analysis guide – The queen of movement

Season 9 introduces the flight fanatic, Valkyrie, to the Apex Legends roster. She soars into the battle royale with her custom jetpack and the typical hotshot pilot confidence. Her attitude is justified because she’s got the skillset to back it up. This Apex Legends guide will teach you all the ins and outs of Valkyrie’s abilities and give you some tips to take her to greater heights.

The characters that usually dominate in Apex Legends are those with high mobility. The likes of Wraith, Pathfinder, Octane, and Horizon are usually found topping the win and most-played charts. Thanks to her VTOL Jets, Valkyrie can keep pace with these mobile characters in Apex Legends. I suspect she’ll see a lot of play with those who enjoy getting creative with movement.

Jet fighter

Valkyrie’s VTOL Jets are her main ability. You’ll find yourself using it constantly as you roam and during fights. The wonderful piece of engineering makes the Legend incredibly fun to play. In addition to the jetpack, Valkyrie has an ability that launches a swarm of missiles at a target location. Plus, her Ultimate ability essentially makes her a jump tower for her whole team.

A nice additional perk Valkyrie gets is the Jet-Fighter HUD. It appears when skydiving with the Legend and allows your whole team to see nearby enemies very clearly. The HUD will tell you exactly how far away enemies are. Plus, it’ll identify the champion with a CH. So, you can go after or avoid them, depending on how confident you feel.

Jet Fighter Hud Shows Range Of Enemies

Valkyrie’s skill set is diverse. It gives her a lot of movement options, as well as a solid offensive ability. But, the one thing Valkyrie lacks is a panic button. Wraith can Phase to buy time and Pathfinder can swing away with Grapple. While Valkyrie is a master of agile movement, she’ll get shot out of the sky if you leave yourself exposed. Let’s talk about mastering flight and movement with Valkyrie.

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