A Guide To Help You Improve Your Scores On Your Next Golf Game

Playing golf is great. It’s one of the most relaxing sports. Even if it’s merely a hobby, you’d still want your scores to be above average. It looks easy, but getting those scores requires great technique and skill. Check out these tips and tricks for improving your scores on your next game.

Keep The Ball On The Ground

Keep the ball on the ground around the greens.

If you want to lower your scores one of the fastest ways is to keep choosing the short game shot with the least risk. This is because generally speaking the smaller the stroke or swing and the less time the ball is in the air the less the chance for error. Reaching for your highest-lofted club every time you can is a bad idea as it can translate into higher scores very quickly. Some advice found at The Left Rough points that, for your short game shot selection you should putt whenever you can, chip when you cannot put with whichever club will allow you to keep your stroke small. Pitch is the last resort because pitching requires a larger swinging motion and therefore carries the greatest risk.

Know Your Total Yardages

A common mistake the golfers make is how they compute yardage. The two most common mistakes are computing club yardages based on when they hit the ball really well and only considering their club’s total yardage rather than also knowing the carry yardage.

What will really help your game is spending some time on a launch monitor to calibrate carry and total yardages for all your clubs. Remember to write it down if it’s likely you’ll forget. For example, spending time calibrating your yardages can reveal shortcomings like carrying your golf ball shorter than you should. Knowing this can save you some easy shots.

Hit Diagonally Into The Wind

Always hit diagonally into the wind. For example, you would automatically aim more to the left if the wind is left to right and you tee off on the far right side of the tee box. When it’s windy, teeing off on the side of the tee opposite where the wind is coming can make all the difference in your ball curving less because aiming more to the left would angle you more directly into the wind and the wind would be less of a curving influence on your golf ball.

A trick is that if the flag is on the right side of the pin, tee off on the right side of the tee box.

Work On Your Address Position

One thing that all elite golf players have is an excellent address position. The set-up basics of your grip, aim, stance and posture all absolutely determine the quality of your game. You won’t have an excellent address position if you don’t make practice a priority, however. For the best results, work with a professional coach on creating your best swing platform possible.

Hit The Ball Straight

A helpful bit of advice to improve your score is to focus on hitting the ball straighter instead of further. Most players focus on hitting the ball to cover a long distance and while this might be great for the world’s leading professional golfers, TV commentators, and the world’s leading players as an amateur golfer you could significantly reduce your handicap without hitting the ball one yard further.

The way to develop more ball control and see you hit more fairways and greens is by understanding the relationship of the clubface to the swing path and creating a more centered strike. This is because your high scores are typically a result of hitting the ball offline rather than not far enough. Plus the better your swing path becomes, the further you’ll hit the ball as a bonus by-product.

Know Your Abilities

Comparing yourself to other golfers and copying every move and swing is a good way to have the high scores you don’t want. What you should do instead is to understand the physical capabilities of your body and work on your swing based on this knowledge. When you know your physical strength and weaknesses you can then choose to work on them or work within them. This will definitely separate you from the rest.

Improve Your Pace Putting

Especially in competition with lots of pressure, it’s common to struggle on the greens. The reason for this is because golfers tend to spend an unnecessary amount of time and attention trying to get the line spot-on at the expense of getting the pace right.

The fact is that pace determines line. Paying more focused attention to pace means you’ll hole more putts, shoot lower scores, and have more fun.

Getting good at golfing requires techniques like knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and working on your address position.

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