mimic6.pngCute small kitty – yes we play Japanese game – is locked in a house and can’t leave without you help. The light and airy house is obviously not the kitty’s place, no cat bed or a bowl in a sight, and the kitty wanders around with you, passive, and waits for your actions. There is much to explore and careful observation of the surroundings is required. Don’t expect a pixel hunt, the graphics is clean and the details big enough, but some active spots can be overlooked.

The developers play a game with you and hid the important items and objects very cleverly but they don’t cheat. No extra difficult puzzles or combinations of hints – everything is explained and logical. It’s better to take enough time for the game and take a break from playing if needed before you look for help – after a break you may notice something you haven’t before or see the scenes from a different angle. The effort put into the construction of the game is admirable and the result is excellent in all aspects. It’s a joy to play it!

mimic1.png mimic2.png

The game is controlled by a mouse and has autosave. It’s available for Android and iOS too. Links you find in Mobile Monday N°275.

Their three previous games, The TREASURE, E.X.I.T. II – The Basement, E.X.I.T. (WE N°155) still can be played.

Notice, that the game may load veeery slowly. If you get black square only, leave it and wait, the loading may take several minutes.

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