Lords Mobile Guild Fest

Yes. You’re in a guild and the R4’s and R5 have threatened to kick you out, lynch you and your family, and also burn your castle to the ground if you don’t participate in the Guild Fest. And you’re feeling the pressure.

Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I can help you with Guild Fest. The bad news is that you’re still stuck with your guild. Actually that’s not true. Dump them and join a garbage guild. You don’t deserve them!

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What is Guild Fest?

Guild Fest Guide in Lords Mobile

The Guild Fest is a Lords Mobile Event that lasts 7-days and requires you (and your guild) to complete tasks within a predefined time slot. The harder the Guild Fest Quests, the more points that you get. Usually.

The higher the ranking, the more prizes that you all win. The prizes are good. It’s worth it.

Disclaimer: The Guild Fest is going to be really boring until you get good at it. Once you work out the Guild Fest, it’s going to be less of a chore and more of an excitement.

At the beginning it’s going to feel a lot like this:

One of the most enjoyable elements of Guild Fest is the continuous threatening messages. This is usually the time of the month when the Guild Leader will send 10-15 guild emails threatening anyone who doesn’t participate.

Here are the threats you can expect:

  • Demotion
  • Kicked out of the guild
  • Partial Decapitation
  • Full Decapitation.
  • Premeditated murder
  • Accidental murder

If your R4 and R5 have a really creative email, feel free to share it in the comments below…

Top 10 Guild Fest Quests to Take

Guild Fest Best Ones

This is a really hard list to make because this has to somehow be applicable to some newbie with a 20m might castle and also a titan with a 20b might castle. But here we go anyways, losers. These are in order of best to worst for the mid-range player:

  1. Increase Total Might (2,400,000) for 147 points. This one may preclude the much smaller castles, but it is BY FAR the best overall quest in Guild Fest. You can use research, troop building, and turf quests to complete this quest. It is kind of a no-brainer! Strongly recommend!
  2. Hell Events (Experts Only). If you’re an expert at Lords Mobile this will be your bread and butter. These Hell Events are very hard but they will give you the type of points that will rack up a massive score at the end. Do not touch these quests unless you’re certain that you can see them through…
  3. Use 3 Familiar Attack Skills for 160 points. Again, not for all mid-range players. All you need is the Pyris Familiar and a few gems and you got an easy 160 points!
  4. Increase Might Research and Increase Might Troops for 147 points. They’re both independently fantastic! If you plan them in advance, long before the start of Guild Fest, they will be incredibly easy!
  5. Spend 1,000,000 Guild Coins for 138 points. Really really easy for everyone, not just for advanced players! Just don’t be a fool. NEVER EVER spend your guild coins unless it is during Guild Fest!
  6. 32 Cargo Ship Trades for 146 points. This is a fantastic quest for beginners. Just be careful to calculate how much time you have left (and how many more quests you have). This quest is really easy but requires you to log in at the correct times to shorten the time length. It might be a pain to have your quest last for so long, but the good news is that it is really easy!
  7. Open 40 Mystery Boxes for 139 points. Really, really easy but requires you to log in very very often! Don’t take on this quest if you’re busy (or have any sort of life outside of Lords Mobile).
  8. Spend 50,000 Gems for 141 points. It’s really easy and quick, but not everyone has 50,000 gems collected… If you do, save it for Guild Fest and then you can grab an easy but powerful quest!
  9. Get 6 Dark Essense for 134 points. Unlike the “helps quest” which may be rewarding – but, as anyone who tried it knows – is bloody stressful on everyone else in the guild. The Dark essence is easy and rewarding for everyone. The Win 6 Darknest Coalition Battles (Rally Captain only) for 153 Points is also an amazing quest. Just make sure that you are strong enough to lead successful rallies…
  10. Gather Resources for 100+ points. All the gathering resources are great. The Level 5 Tile gatherings are a really bad idea unless you are a scary titan!
  11. Meet 4 Gemming Gremlin in Kingdom Tycoon for 155 points. It is a little risky, but if you have 40 Luck Tokens you should be able to complete this quest with change. The 6 Gemming Gremlins for 171 points and 8 Gemming Gremlins for 214 points are obviously a lot better – but they are not for everyone. That’s for experts and cash-warriors only!
  12. Meet 3 Labyrinth Bosses. This is super risky, but you can get 209 points out of it, and also a heck load of prizes… I personally do them when I can, but it’s not for everyone

Guild Fest Gauntlets

There are 5 gauntlets. The number of quests and the difficulty of the quests will vary from gauntlet to gauntlet.

Guantlet Level Quests Possible Rewards
Beginner Gauntlet 6 (+1 bonus) 15
Intermediate Gauntlet 7 (+1 bonus) 18
Advanced Gauntlet 8 (+1 bonus) 21
Expert Gauntlet 9 (+1 bonus) 24
Master Gauntlet 10 (+1 bonus) 27

Please note that the bonus quest can only be unlocked by spending 1,000 gems.

The master gauntlet also comes with an extra challenge!

Guild Fest Rewards and Points

Guild Fest Banner Prizes

The rewards for Guild Fest, as mentioned, are really good. But the total score depends on the guild as a whole. This means, that you can slave away and get a great score only to have the rest of the guild pull you down!

And that’s why you’re guild is going to receive a million and one angry messages…

There are gift tiers. Each tier means that you can pick another prize at the end.

The first tier will require only 1000 points. It gets exponentially harder from there… Gift Tier 5 requires the guild to get 14,000 points.

In order to reach Gift Tier 27, the guild will have to achieve 185,000 points. if the guild is full at 100 members that will mean that each player gets 1,850 each… That’s hard work!

Also, the top 5 guilds in the gauntlet will receive a special bunch of prizes based on their position.

Guild Fest Quests

Guild Fest Resets

I’ve listed the Guild Fest quests in no particular order. As you will see, most of the advantages of each quest will depend heavily on if your an advanced player or a beginner. Each quest has a score that I’ve determined based on effort and accessibility.

  • Spend Gems
  • Complete Admin Quests
  • Complete Guild Quests
  • Gather Resources
  • Time Reduced Using Speed Up Merging
  • Heal Wounded Soldiers
  • Clear a full Lv 5 Resource Tile
  • Complete Phase 3 (Hell Events)
  • Rank in Top 70 for Hell Event
  • Open Mystery Boxes
  • Forge Equipment
  • Cargo Ship Trades
  • Use Fragments
  • Purchase Special Bundles
  • Increase Research Might
  • Send Help to your Guildmates
  • Spend Guild Coins
  • Familiar Attack Skills
  • Supply Resources
  • Increase Might (Buildings)

Spend Gems

Gems are great (and sometimes needed) in Lords Mobile. You’re going to spend them at some point anyway. If you’ve been collecting them and have enough, you may as well spend them in one shot and win a high point quest. I wouldn’t recommend buying the gems just to spend them on this quest. There are better ways to buy winning quests.

To learn more about generating gems click here.

Spend 3000 gems Quest

Points: +84

My Score: 6/10

Everyone has 3000 points even beginner players. This should be so easy if you want a quick fix. The problem is that you only get 84 points. If you have it in you, I would go for the bigger quests. This quest is for lazy people.

Complete Admin Quests

Admin Quests and Guild Quests are the bread-and-butter of the lower-end of Guild Fest quests. They are certainly not the best quests, but they aren’t bad either. For anyone who is trying to average at over 100 per quest, I would strongly recommend them. The trick would be to save all the extra quests that you get and then use them during Guild Fest.

Just do the math before you accept this quest! And if you suck at math, don’t be proud. Use a bloody calculator…

Location of Guild and Admin Quests

The Admin Quest can be located by clicking on the quest button as shown in the diagram above and clicking the second column at the top.

Complete Admin Quests 102 Points

Points: +102

My Score Rating: 8/10

This quest is solid. It’s easy if you have the admin quests. It will take approximately 5 minutes of work and then you’re done. I strongly recommend this quest if you have enough admin quests ready.

Complete Guild Quests

This quest is basically the same as the previous quest (Admin Quest) but it will give you one less reward. Make sure that you do the math before committing to this quest. Otherwise, it’s a great quest.

Location of Guild and Admin Quests

To find the Guild Quests, click the third icon from the left on the bottom and then click the third tab at the top.

Guild Quests 88 Points

Points: +88

My Score: 5/10

Great quest, but you’re not 2 years old. You can do better than this quest. If you open up a few extra Guild Quests you will get a lot more points for Guild Fest.

Gather Resources

The gathering resources quests require work. You need to plan out how many tiles you need to hit, where is safe to gather, and how much time you need. I’ve seen too many people fail this quest because they thought that they can do it. Only do this quest if you plan it out correctly. I’ll give you examples in Food Gathering and hopefully, you will get the idea for the rest of the resources.

A few things to make sure of before you begin any Resource Gathering quest: Make sure that you have 5 full armies ready, make sure that you don’t have enemies who tile hit, make sure you have time to log on every few hours, and make sure that you have the gear to support so much farming. All that I’m saying is to do the math.

Gather Food 119 Points Quest

Points: +119

My Score: 8/10

Here’s the math:

  • 1. Level 1  Food – 225,000 – Finish 84 tiles to win
  • 2. Level 2 Food – 412,500 – Finish 46 tiles to win
  • 3. Level 3 Food – 900,00 – Finish 21 tiles to win
  • 4. Level 4 Food – 1,575,000 – Finish 12 tiles to win
  • 5. Level 5 Food – 4,125,000 – Finish 5 tiles to win
Gather Food 115 Points

Points: +115

My Rating Score: 7.5/10

Gather Food 115 Points will has similar equivalents in the stone, ore and wood departments. The idea is the same for those who failed math. Get resources. Get a lot of it. Assuming that you’re average at 900,000 (level 3 tile), you will need to clear a little under 14 tiles within 19 hours. Assuming you have all your armies free. You only have to log on 3 times to send your armies out collecting.

  • 1. Level 1  Food – 225,000 – Finish 56 tiles to win
  • 2. Level 2 Food – 412,500 – Finish 31 tiles to win
  • 3. Level 3 Food – 900,00 – Finish 14 tiles to win
  • 4. Level 4 Food – 1,575,000 – Finish 8 tiles to win
  • 5. Level 5 Food – 4,125,000 – Finish 4 tiles to win

Don’t forget to put your resource gathering gear and activate resource gathering boosts!

Time Reduced Using Speed Up Merging

Time Reduced Using Speed Up Merging

Points: +148

My Rating Score: 5/10

This quest can technically be incredible. I mean, it has 148 points… And that’s what Lords Mobile wants you to think. Honestly, I think that the developers want to trick you into getting stuck with no choice but to pay (real money) for packs of merging speed ups.

I can hear you asking, “but I have so many speed ups?”. I will quickly answer, “you can only use MERGING speed-ups… Normal speed ups won’t work”.

“But I have so many merging speed ups,” you say as you sip on your cold can of stupid-drink. “I have 70-years worth of merging speed ups, I think.”

Make sure you count up your merging speed ups before you start this quest. Take out a calculator and count. If you come up short, avoid this quest at all costs unless you have a lot of money to blow. If you do actually have enough merging speed-ups, this quest is actually fantastic!

Time Reduced Merging 111 Points

Points: +111

My Score: 5/10

Bleh. Read my warning for the early quest (the 148 point familiar speed merging) and do the calculations before you begin.

Honestly, if you have enough for 10 days worth of speed ups, I would hold on to them and wait until you have 16 days so that you can do the other one. If you don’t want to wait then just go ahead with this quest.

I’m really just not much of a fan of these familiar quests. Lords Mobile still has some experimenting to do until they get it perfect.

Heal Wounded Soldiers

Heal Wounded Soldiers

Points: +103

My Rating Score: 4/10

Because Guild Fest comes right after KVK, there is a chance that if you do have 480,000 soldiers and beds that you can heal them and win this. Please note that you will also need to use “speed up healing packs” because you need to finish this quest within 24 hours.

It’s a semi-decent quest assuming that you have the soldiers in the infirmary.

Heal Wounded Soldiers 72 Points

Points: + 72

My Points Score: 4/10

This quest is a little more attainable, but is worth fewer points than the others. Under 100. Not really that great unless you have the soldiers in the infirmary and are struggling with other quests.

Clear a full Lv 5 Resource Tile

The objective of this quest is to go to the center of the map and farm 2 complete resource tiles.

Here is the map that shows where you can find the level 5 tiles. Unless you’re already near the base, you will probably want to port nearby.

So why is this quest so hard? Big players are going to hit you… If it’s a quiet time of day or if you’re a powerful player (or in a powerful guild) this is a relatively easy quest. Just make sure that you put the correct resource gathering gear on before you start. And make sure that you put an anti-scout on your troops.

Clear Level 5 Resource Tile

Points: +124

My Rating Score: 7/10

This quest is great. As mentioned before, it is risky. I would recommend trying at least 2-3 tiles at a time because you can probably expect one to get hit. Please remember that you will only have 18 hours to finish this quest.

Clear Level 5 Resource Tile 107 Points

Points: +107

My Rating: 6/10

This quest is still a moderate quest but not near as good as the (harder) more rewarding variation. I would avoid this one is you think you can spring for the 124 point gathering quest.

Complete Phase 3 (Hell Events)

Hell Event Quests are only for the advanced players. If you need help understanding Hell Events, click here to read my guide.

Complete Hell Event 352 Points

Points: +352 (Top points)

My Score: 9/10

I’m only giving this so many points because it’s the most rewarding quest.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. This is almost impossible. You will need to tackle successfully 1/2 of the Hell Events in the span of 16 hours. It’s only really designed for the really advanced players who also have too much money to waste…

Complete Phase 3 Hell Events

Points: +213 (That’s a lot!)

My Rating Score: 7.5/10

WARNING: Do NOT attempt unless you are a trained ninja at Lords Mobile and have plenty of money to spend.

This quest requires you to fully complete 7 hell events within 2.5 days. Think it’s easy? It’s really not!

You may get lucky and land an easy hell event or two, but you will get stuck at some point

Complete Phase 3 in 5 tries

Points: +242 (The third largest quest)

My Rating Score: 2/10

I wouldn’t bother trying this quest unless your wealthy, nuts or really bad at Lords Mobile. You have 10 hours to complete finish 5 hell events. That’s really ambitious. I really caution experienced players from going near this quest.

Complete Phase 4 3 in 9hrs

Points: +169

My rating: 4/10

I give this quest a higher score than the earlier quest just because there are only 3 quests to do. If you start large research, save up lots of energy, and have lots of speeds up you may be able to put this one off with ease.

Don’t forget that you only have 9 hours to finish this quest. If you’re bad at math, I will help you. You need to grab 1/3 of the quests that appear.

Complete Phase 3 8 in 4 days

Points: +147

My Rating Score: 5/10

This quest is very similar to the 213 point quest, but you have 8 quests in 4 days. If you’re ready to do such an intense amount of quests, just go big or go home. If you need time and you aren’t much of a risk-taker, this is the ultimate Hell Event Quest.

Rank in Top 70 for Hell Event

These quests are hard and unpredictable. In the powerful kingdoms, don’t bother going for this quest unless you can get an enormous amount of points. Please remember that there will also be other people trying to finish this quest and reach in the Top 70 of any given Hell Event.

Rank Top 70 Hell Event 300 Points

Points: + 300 (The second-largest quest in Guild Fest)

My rating Score: 5.5/10

This is the most insane quest that there is aside for the Crazy 8 Hell Event. I recommend that you ONLY go for this quest if you’re downright mad or have lots of money to blow. Trying to reach the top 70 seven times is an enormous feat. If you manage to complete this, you are a hero. That’s all that I can say.


Points: +143

My Score: 8.5/10

This quest is attainable by a normal player. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re really confident that you can pull it off. But if you have a good feeling and have too potential Hell Event targets in mind, I would say go for it. 143 points is a lot. It’s worth it.

Open Mystery Boxes

Open Mystery Boxes

Points: +139

My Rating Score: 6/10

WARNING: Do not attempt this quest unless you have no job or have recently been fired. This quest is extremely time consuming and can take up all of your fest time.

The mystery boxes are those annoying jumping boxes that bounce up and down every few minutes (or hour). Actually, it can vary between 1 minute – 59 minutes. Usually, you can expect a lot of quick ones.

Collect Mystery Box on Screen

The good news is that they are easy and also give small prizes. The bad news is that you need to get 40 of them, and assuming that you are on very very regularly, it will still take a day and a half. If your a normal user, on the other hand, expect it to take 3 – 4 days to finish this quest.

Open Mystery Boxes 1 Day

Points: +98

My Rating Score: 8.5/10

I don’t usually give a high score to any quest under 100 points, but this one quest is easy and deserves it. You are probably signing on to the game at least 15 times a day. Every time you log on, you click the stupid jumping box in the corner. Done.

Beginner players and guilds should really focus on this quest.

Open Mystery Boxes Quest 61 points

Points: +61

My Rating Score: 3/10

It is so easy. 2 days to open 10 boxes. It’s pathetically easy. And that’s why I would say to avoid it. You can do better. Only take this quest if you really hate your guild. The 98 point Mystery Box gives you one less day, but it adds another 38 points. Roll up your socks and work a little.

Forge Equipment

These quests are for newbies to the game or people who want to get killed by their own guild-mates (for tackling such low points quest). To finish this quest, go to the workshop and build the equipment. You can even build something as small as the Neptune’s Necklace, and then delete it and start again.

Forge Equipment 76 Points

Points: +76

My Score: 4.5/10

This quest is obviously better than the lower level forge equipment quests, but come-on. Seriously. You can do better than this. If I was your guild leader I would throw you out and then use all my troops to burn your castle to the ground.


I wouldn’t burn your castle the ground. I would first invite the rest of the guild and then together we would burn your castle.

Forge Equipment 48 points

Points: +48

My Rating Score: 4/10

My personal recommendation would be to keep away from this quest. You can do better? Hopefully?

Cargo Ship Trades

Cargo Ship Trading 146 Points

Points: +146

Score: 8.5/10

This quest requires commitment and careful timing but can be accomplished with equal success by the beginner player and the advanced player.

The Cargo Ship Trading becomes available every 6 hours so hypothetically you can complete this high-level quest in two days and net 146 points. The 4 days time limit gives you plenty of extra time. This quest is both easy and rewarding. To learn more about how to leverage the Cargo Ship Trades click here.

Cargo Ship Trades Quest

Points: +83

My Rating Score: 5.5/10

Compared to the 146 point Cargo Ship Trade, this quest is a sad joke. I would avoid it unless you’re running out of energy to continue Guild Fest and want something easy. This quest can be finished within 18 hours or less.

This should be an easy quest unless you land up with one of those large trades and you don’t have that particular resource. You usually should be fine, but I’m just putting it out there.

Otherwise, this quest is under 100 points. Try to avoid it if you can!

Use Fragments

Use Fragments Quest

Points: +94

My Rating Score: 5/10

Fragments. The juice of the familiars. The elixir that somehow makes these strange beast do weird little things. Like the building quests, make sure that you have what it takes before you commit to this quest. Trying to make fragments, if you don’t have it already, will be an epic pain in the “arm”.

Purchase Special Bundles

7 Purchase Bundles

Points: +133

My Rating Score: 3/10

Talk about Ponzi schemes. Lords Mobile isn’t even apologetic when they try and monetize their game. This quest gives you points for playing with real money…

I would give it 0/10 points because it is so blatant and flagrant, but there is a little merit to this quest. If you are a spender and are planning on buying special bundles from the store anyways… I guess… You may as well do it during Guild Fest and win 133 points…


Increase Research Might

Increase Research Might 100 points

Points: +100

My Rating Score: 8/10

This is the perfect quest for the beginners who want to score at least 100 points but also don’t want to work too hard. Make sure that you have enough speed ups and also try and time the research to time out with the Hell Event.

Otherwise, this research is without a doubt one of the best quests for non-expert players.

Send Help to your Guildmates

This quest sounds so easy but only do this if you’re a beginner guild who are building small buildings and researches all the time. If you’re an advanced guild only do this quest if you know that you can rely on one of your guildmates to help you. Keep reading.

How to cheat for this quest?

You ask one (or more) guild-mates to build a low-level building and click the pink “request help button”, you send help, and then he destroys the building, and then he rebuilds it, etc… It’s that simple.

Send Help to Guildmates 106

Points: +106

My Score: 8/10

This guest isn’t as good as the high points version of this quest, but it is still fantastic. If you have someone ready to help you, go for it. The “Send Help” quests are great. Just remember that you only have one day. Don’t get too distracted.

Spend Guild Coins

I personally love the guild coin quest. I save the guild coins and only use them for Guild Fest. The best part of this quest is that it takes a minute and then you’re done.

Spend Guild Coins 82 Points

Points: +82

My Score: 6/10

This is such a fun and easy quest don’t waste it by only doing the 82 point variation. Be a hero, save your quest and go large. Just saying.

Spend Guild Coins 69 Points

Points: +69

My Score: 1/10

No. This is just insulting. Do not do this quest unless you are a complete failure. This is unacceptable. Guild Coins are free and you can save up in advance. This should be even easier for beginner players. I can’t think of a single excuse for someone to use this quest.

Familiar Attack Skill

I’m not such a fan of Familiar Quests. They’re hard and tedious. These quests will only be for players who have familiars with attack skills. The beginner familiars from Pact 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B do not have attack skills.

Familiar Attack Skills 103 Points

Points: +103

My Score: 6/10

If you have only 1 familiar with an attack skill and you have it ready for attack, I guess this will work for you. If you don’t have attacking familiars or if you have more than 1, I would not suggest this quest.

Supply Resources

I personally love Supply Resource Quest. The points aren’t as high as I usually aim for, but this a really easy and effective quest. The trick, of course, is to send the resources to a friend who can send the resources right back. You’ll lose the tax money along with both ways of the journey, but if you both have a level 25 Trading Post you’ll get to keep most of your stuff.

Supply Food 105 Points

Points: +105

My Score: 7/10

A great quest. Easy and fun. Just remember that out of all the Supply Resource Quests, food is probably not the best. Anyone that has troops will probably be wasting through their food. Unless you have large projects to quickly use on the surplus food that will be returning, you will probably lose all the food to time.

Otherwise, great quest.

Supply 5m Ore 51 Points
Supply Stone 51 Points

Points: +51

My Score: 1.5/10

For a quest style this easy, picking the 51 point option is kind of inexcusable. Unless you have three minutes left until the end of Guild Fest and you need to take whatever pop-ups, I would avoid this quest.

Increase Might (Buildings)

The building Might Quest is won by building enough buildings within the predetermined time-frame. I personally love building quests. The Building Might and the Research Might are my favorite quests!

Here are a few tricks to make this quest easier:

  • Start a large building project during KVK. KVK always precedes Guild Fest and if you have a large building project already 75% completed it will be a lot easier to win the quest easily.
  • Time the Building completion for the same time as a building Hell Event. To learn more click here.
  • Try and keep away from resource buildings. The resource buildings take a long time to finish and don’t give you many points.
  • Beg your guild to click on the “Help Button” before speeding up any buildings. You can save yourself a lot of speedups.
Increase Might Buildings 96 Points

Points: 96

My Score: 9/10

This quest is obviously not near as good as the larger building quest, but it is still solid. It’s easy and it’s attainable for all levels. I strongly recommend this quest if the larger building quest is too much for you.

Guild Fest Hacks and Tips

There are a lot of really great hacks and tips that will make the whole experience easier, but the biggest hack will of course be taking on the hard quests… The rest is just little things to know about to get a further edge! But here they are…

  1. Save Up All Boosts. This one is obvious. SAVE ALL BOOSTS for guild fest. Yes, all research speed ups, regular speed ups, training speed ups. And then waste them all during guild fest.
  2. Save All Holy Stars, Luck Tokens and Gems. Same as before. Come into Guild Fest ready to excel. OBVIOUSLY!
  3. The Quick Jump Method. This is a great trick that I learnt in one of the guilds that my alt jumped around in. Tell your entire guild not to submit their last quest until the last few hours of Guild Fest. This will enable the guild as a whole to take a very high spot on the rankings, because the other guilds will get complacent with their score. I’ve seen it work in action. (There’s no time limit to submit the quest once it’s completed)
  4. Multiple Temporary R4s. This trick is important. If you promote a bunch of regular guild members to R4 just for the week, you can ensure that the quests are refreshed continuously. Ideally pick a few different people from different time-zones if you have the ability.
  5. Focus on the Hell Event Quests at first. This is only for advanced and Expert Players. Focus on the massive quests for the first few quests, bring your numbers up, and the event will be a lot less stressful.
  6. Prizes. This is so basic, and yet I’ve seen it work. Announce in-guild prizes for the top 3 players. This motivates everyone and you end up scoring better. You’ll end up getting the rewards back…
  7. Communicate. Most guilds won’t let people reserve quests, but if you’re after a particular quest and you’re about to finish you’re previous one, announce it on the chat. Sometimes people will just leave it for you, or it’s a questionable quest at least the R4’s won’t delete it!
  8. Full Guild. This should have to be stated and yet people are so dumb that I have no choice. Make sure that you have 100 players logged into your guild before you start! You can’t expect to win if you only have 80 players involved…
  9. Threaten the lazy members. I know that I made jokes about this at the beginning of this MASSIVE article, but the truth is that threats work. If you’re an R4 or R5 make sure that your guild is actually convinced to move it and get the score that you need to keep moving up.
  10. Turf Quests. NEVER open them unless its Guild Fest. I know that there will be an exclamation mark, but ignore it. You’re good at ignoring things. You hardly pay any attention to your brain

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